A History of First CRC

From Low Prairie to Urban Suburb


The Village of South Holland was originally settled back in the 1840’s and at that time was known as “Low Prairie”. The settlement consisted of several Dutch and American families. Most of the early settlers belonged to the Church of the Succession of 1834 in the Netherlands and then to other Reformed churches in the settlement area.

Our congregation was originally organized as the “True Dutch Reformed Church” in 1865. This is the year the CRC recognizes as our beginning. That original church briefly disbanded but then reorganized in 1886 as the “First Christian Reformed Church”.

On September 21, 1886, the first sermon for the reorganized church was delivered by Rev. H. Vander Werp. At that time the congregation consisted of 16 families. They met for worship in an onion warehouse that was located on 162nd Street near the railroad tracks until the first church building could be constructed.

The first church building was a 30’x40’ building and was located on a rented lot which was also on 162nd Street. The second church building was built on our current location in 1896 and then remodeled in 1929 to accommodate the growing congregation. In 1956, our current church building was dedicated and a classroom addition was added in 1974 to provide us with the facility as we know it today.