Reverend Svendsen came to First CRC South Holland in June 2016, and is still undergoing classis and denominational examinations but is serving as the pastor in daily duties. He and Michelle both grew up in Lansing, IL, and Daniel's father was a pastor in South Holland during Reverend Svendsen's childhood. Michelle also grew up in the church, and they both point to the grace of God as it was shown and taught to them in their homes from the time they were born. 

Daniel attended Wheaton College and Westminster Seminary California. He loves reading, watching and playing sports, spending lots of time with friends and family, and studying the Bible and theology. He is very excited and humbled to be the pastor of First CRC South Holland and enjoys the daily challenge of preparing two sermons for each Lord's Day. He loves hearing the voices of the saints on Sunday as we join together singing Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual songs. He loves the Heidelberg Catechism and the blue Psalter Hymnal and the ways they have shaped Reformed worship for many  generations. 

Michelle is a loving mother and world-renowned master of baked goods. She enjoy spending time with anyone and everyone, and puts up with Dan watching too much baseball. She has a teaching degree from Trinity Christian College and has worked as both a teacher and caregiver as a way to get Dan through seminary training. 

Sophia likes smiling and laughing, and most people don't mind that those are her two favorite hobbies

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